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Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 6:58 pm

by Music_Is_Life, 11.09.2011 12:07

[Name] Alexander (prefers to
be called Alex)


Before the world became perfect, and how they feel about the world now]
Alex is a rebel. He
hates rules, thinks they interfere with his creativity, so he doesn't follow
them. He gets in a lot of trouble because of that, but he doesn't care. He
knows he's ticking off everyone, being a troublemaker, whatever. He just
doesn't care. When he gets mad, it's complete..well..madness. He'll blow up
(not literally..) and could be mad for days before he gets over it. To his
friends, Alex is very loyal. He'll protect them even if it means putting his
own life in danger. He was 3 and a half when the world changed. He was a happy
baby, cheerful, insightful, curious. It all changed when everyone became
"perfect". He frowned upon everyone who had the same color hair, same
color eyes, same weight, same height. He wanted to be different. So when Alex
was 13, he dyed his hair black and put in brown contacts everyday. People shun
him, call him a weirdo, rebel, whatever. Truth of the matter is, normal is a
setting on a washing machine, and no one wants to be that.

Alex was raised by his
mom who was always there for him. Always supportive. Always nice. Always in a
good mood. Always perfect. It digusted him. At school*, kids were abnormaly
nice and there for each other. It sickened him. When he was 13, he ran away for
a few days, just enough time to dye his hair, get some brown contacts, and
ditch his wardrobe for a new one. He came back a few days later. That was when
his world truly changed. His mom and kids at his school called him a weirdo and
shunned him. His mom even told him that his dad, who had died when Alex was 2,
would be ashamed. Alex laughed at that.
Yeah right, he remembered
My dad would be proud.
[Extra] Alex sings and plays guitar and is an aspiring musician.

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Bios/Discussion: Perfectly Not Empty Re: Bios/Discussion: Perfectly Not

Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 7:01 pm

Maryjane, 11.09.2011 17:52:

Visit the role-play [here].


[Age: 13-18]
[Personality: Before the world became perfect, and how they feel about the
world now]
[Extra (optional)]

[Name] Esmee Peters
& Personality]
She has an appearance that only
would shock this world. Her black-dyed hair falls past her shoulders; anyone
that was to find her would only have to look past all the blonde heads, though
she stands tall like others. She has sickly pale skin from spending too much of
her time indoors, and she wears a shade of venomous green colored contacts. Her
personality has not changed much since the world became perfect, so she would
describe herself as daring and cheerful (part of the time).

Bios/Discussion: Perfectly Not C:\DOCUME~1\Robeson\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtml1\01\clip_image001

[History] The day the world
turned perfect is still fresh in her mind, though she was only two and a half
when the event took place. It was a rainy day with thunder flashing down,
killing her cat, Clove, in the process. A man in a white lab coat suddenly
appeared at the door amidst the mourning of Clove, and whispered some words
into her parents' ears. Before she knew it, here she was in this world. It was
only until she was older that she realised what had happened, and she doesn't
like it. It's ridiculous. They're toying with nature, and nature is not to be
toyed with. This cannot; must not, carry on. She has to do something. She will do something.

Sarent, 12.09.2011 09:20:

Name: Nalem Ericsson

Age: 17

Appearance: He has sandy hair just a
shade too dark, oddly blurred blue eyes like flames; he is also a shade shorter
than the average, and more bony than ideal.

Personality: Rather than a perfectly
sunny disposition, his outlook is quite dark, but most of the time he does not
outwardly exhibit an abnormal individualism. He usually blends into the
crowds at school by the odd fact of his being not-quite-average, and others not
wanting to see anything besides normality. If not for his undertaking of
a covert campaign of surveillance, he would emerge as a harsh leader among
people. When he cannot avoid being seen, he speaks with an obscure
insolence, often and intentionally further obfuscating his meaning by employing
mangled phrases and jokes that make no sense. Privately, he still cannot
decide whether the world he lives in or the once-"real" world is the
true contaminant.

History: Even in a world of
perfection, he is not horrifyingly different. However, something was
never quite right with him - learning to read before he was 2 years old from
his foster parents' shelves of books, which were supposed to be only for
decoration, for instance. He does not remember his life before the world
changed; he only knows it was different. Now he watches everyone and
everything carefully, trying to make up his mind with every detail.

Extra: He knows about the existence of grasshoppers, despite their
apparent absence from the world he lives in.

CarlaJay, 27.09.2011 15:06:

Name] Spencer DeLune

Bios/Discussion: Perfectly Not C:\DOCUME~1\Robeson\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtml1\01\clip_image001

Spencer was a happy toddler when the world changed. She didn’t have a mother;
her mother had died during childbirth. She was bubbly and happy. She doesn’t
like the world now. She doesn’t feel she should be shunned because she only has
a father. She doesn’t go out of her way to fit it. She still has the natural
light brown hair, and grey eyes she was born with.
Spencer was raised by a single father, who worked for the government. Her
father makes himself fit in because of his job. So he can support Spencer, but
he’s really part of a up and raising rebellion. He never believed in the world
being ‘perfect’ . Spencer has spent her life doing everything she could to help
her father, she wanted the ‘perfect world to end.’
Spencer has always wanted to own her own catering company. She loves to cook,
she feels most at home in the kitchen.

Stargazer, 29.09.2011 09:36:

Name: Mandi Johnson

Age: Seventeen and a half

Appearance: She's the epitome of
modern beauty; blonde hair, blue eyes, thin as a rail. The only problem? She
didn't choose to look this way.

Personality: To most people, she
shows only her spoiled, popular, average facade. But if you get to know her a
bit better, you'll find her a loner with few true friends, happy in her own
company. A deep sadness lurks behind those seemingly happy eyes, left over from
when she finally realized that her parents don't love the real her, only the
front she puts up for society's sake.

History: Mandi had a normal,
privileged childhood; she lived with her parents and little brother, shopped
often at the local mall, went on vacation to the tropics during winter break,
and was in general an average, blonde-haired, blue-eyed angel of perfection.
Then, three years ago, Mandi realized that she didn't want to go along with the
crowd, to look just like everyone else. So one night, she dyed her hair a
shocking shade of red, and put on muddy brown contacts before school the next
morning. Her schoolmates and friends were surprised, but no one was more
shocked than her parents. Not to mention apalled. They let her keep her
individual look for a while, but after a month of sullen silences and slammed
doors (during which they waited in vain for her to grow tired of being
different), they offered her an ultimatum: become perfect again or leave. It
was just too embarrassing for her mother to have a child who didn't conform to
this world's standards of beauty, not to mention how her nonconformity would
harm her father's chances of keeping his senate seat in the upcoming election.
Disgusted by this, Mandi tried to leave and live someplace else, but none of
her friends or family would let her stay them, and her meager savings weren't
nearly enough to pay for lodgings. Grudgingly, she dyed her hair blonde, and
removed the contacts. It felt like a piece of her died that day, and now she's
looking for any chance to get it back.

Extra: Mandi's favorite class is history.

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