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Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 6:49 pm

By Music_Is_Life, 11.08.2011 15:50

To join in on the
roleplay, click here [Editor's note: will become broken, see other moved topic].

My character:

Name: Connor

Secret: He killed a man. He had to do it, it was merely self defense, but that doesn't ease his guilt.
Connor is sort of a loner. He dresses in darker colors and just keeps to himself. Kids don't like when other kids are different and the "popular" kids were constantly picking on him. He comes off as depressed, which is just the reality of what he is. He's really sensitive and sweet. He can be sort of mysterious. Like a puzzle you can't figure out.
Connor was pretty okay before he met Michael Farrow, the new group leader of KOA (or, Kids Of Alcoholics). But it turned out that Michael only wanted one thing- the death of Connor. Apparently Michael used to date his mom before she broke up with him. "An eye for an eye," he had said. Those words still haunt Connor to this day. And also his creepy laugh, like nails scraping against glass. Connor remebers it all, all of the lies, all of the horror of that one night he came after group to get his backpack... the night Michael came after him with a knife in his hand. He didn't do any jail time, for it was self defense, but his mom- half drunk- carted them off from London, England, to Georgia.
Extra: He knows how to play guitar and has been playing since he was 7

-This is a
literate RPG. Please no text talk. OMG!!!!!!! 1 h8 1t wen pplz tlk lyk d1s!!!!!!!
Post in third person. I don't want: I opened the door to find
something quite gross waiting for me. I want: (Character) opened the door to find something quite gross waiting for (him/her).
-Read all the posts before you before you post so your post goes along with the
-Make sure this is somewhat realistic. I really dont want to find someone saying: (Character) fell the 7 feet out of the tree. Quickly (he/she) got up and stumbled into the road! A car came by and ran (he/she) over and (he/she) just layed there for a few seconds. (He/she) jumped out of the road and went inside to have some dinner. There are so many things wrong with that. You fall out of a tree, you break some bones. You get run over by a car, you get seriously injured or get killed. Contrary to your belief, your character is not superhuman!
-Keep it PG-13, please.
-If you read all of this, put the word "Aiden" somewhere in your bio.

Bio skeleton:

(Or you can do a picture.
Whichever you perfer. But if you're doing a picture, just do a link to it since
pictures never embed for me on this site (at least not for me..).)


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Bios/Discussion: Secrets Empty Re: Bios/Discussion: Secrets

Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 6:52 pm

Maryjane, 12.08.2011 16:53:

Name: Beka Chandler

Bios/Discussion: Secrets C:\DOCUME~1\Robeson\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtml1\01\clip_image001
When Beka was 9, she was
befriended by a girl her age. The girl, named Arianne, had beautiful blonde
hair, shining blue eyes. She was beautiful, and everyone loved her. Beka was the
just underdog. Her flat red hair was lifeless, and her blue eyes were dull, not
even nearly as bright as Arianne's. Eventually, Beka's jealousy of Ari's
perfect life grew. You can’t blame her though. Everyone was jealous. The more
she was lured her into the girl's friendship, the more she was envious. One
day, they went on an "adventure" into the woods. It was Beka's idea.
Beka stowed a short, sharp knife into her coat pocket. As they walked further
into the woods, her mind overtook her. She was the most jealous she'd ever felt
before; Arianne wandered ahead of her, her golden curls bouncing back and
forth. Beka swiftly took out her knife and sped up her pace, jamming the knife
as hard as she could into the side of Ari's neck. When she extracted the knife,
blood began to spurt out all over the ground and her hand. When the girl's body
collapsed to the ground, Beka saw her face. Drained of the gleeful expression
she normally had. Now it's 7 years later, and the police still haven't figured
out who the culprit was.
Personality: Her personality consists of friendliness and
sharpness. She doesn't always share her true feelings with people, so it's
often like she's wearing a mask; to cover up her true self.

Beka lived with her
parents in New York,
just outside of town. They had a cute little log house. It was right near the
lake. She remembers walking through the front door for the very first time, the
smell of cinnamon and pine trees filling her nose. It was a glorious scent, so
natural, so clean. Nothing like it anywhere. Not before long, her room had been
painted and decorated to her liking. Every night she would go on her terrace
and look out to the lake. She would see ducks swimming, looking like they don't
have care in the world... it must be nice to feel like that, she would think. A
couple of years later, her mom and dad decided that they were moving to a
hustling, bustling, stupid city in Georgia. Just like that. She begged
them not to sell the house, but they just didn't listen to her. How
rude. Well, now they live tucked away at the end of quiet Myrdle Street.
Beka loves to write
poetry. She sings and can play piano.

Stargazer, 15.08.2011 17:26:

Name: Catherine Brown
Catherine is petite, short and thin with a fine-boned look. Her
hair is long, brown, and glossy. She has suspicious brown eyes, and is pale
from spending too much time indoors. Whenever she has a choice, she wears
clothing in the Steampunk style.

Secret: Catherine has always had
a certain...talent for cracking computers. Unfortunately, she cracked a
database she shouldn't have at age thirteen. Now she knows too much, and
they find her, there is no doubt in her mind that
she won't be allowed to live.

Personality: Smart, very stubborn,
and secretive.

History: Orphaned as a baby, she
spent most of her childhood in an orphanage. The other children and the
caretakers were cruel to her, so when she was old enough she started looking
for ways to escape. This led her to the public library, where on one boring day
she cracked into a large corporation's website. This got her started on the
long path to where she is now.

Extra: She loves cats.


Music_Is_Life, 16.08.2011

Another character! @Stargazer, muchas gracias =D And thanks for reading it

Music_Is_Life, 17.08.2011

Name: Lucien (pronounced


Bios/Discussion: Secrets C:\DOCUME~1\Robeson\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtml1\01\clip_image002

Secret: He was a troublemaker back home. One night after lots of
partying, he was involved in a drunk driving accident. He was badly injured at
15, and the person in the passenger seat-his brother-died at 13 years old.
Luckily he didn't have to go to prison, but that won't erase his guilty
conscience. His parents shipped him off from Australia
to Georgia.
Personality: Lucien is one of the sweetest guys you will ever
meet. He wouldn't hurt anybody because he doesn't want anyone to go though the
pain he went though for years and is still going through. He has been invovled
alcohol since he was 14, but stopped drinking when he crashed the car. He loves
his friends to death, and would go to the end of the world to help them.
History: Lucien grew up in a fairly
wealthy family in Australia.
His parents didn’t much care for each other. After the birth of his younger
brother, it seemed they both stopped spending time together. They basically
cheated on each other all the time, but didn’t much care to confront each other
about it. The summer after his accident, his parents shipped him off to live
with his Aunt and Uncle in Georgia
in the U.S.

Sarent, 19.08.2011 09:57:

Name: Salvador

Age: 18

Appearance: Sharp lukewarm
blue-tinged brown eyes; white-flecked dark hair; medium-shaded but oddly coppery
skin; bony, fairly tall, and not entirely straight-backed; usually clad in a
fine cotton shirt and dark jeans with hard-edged dark shoes, though he intends
to buy a set of fiberglass armor.

Secret: He is no longer sure of
his secret. Was it simply his curious bitterness throughout childhood,
and his slowness to make friends? Was it that he would let a petty thief
go, but makes no exceptions for other criminals? His tendency to offend
the most important people around him? Perhaps it is none of these, but
more likely it is all of these and something much greater. He rarely
watches the faces of passersby with revulsion or apprehension, as if expecting
them to be horribly familiar - and displays little empathy for criminals or the

Personality: Creative in a cold
way. Not very willing to express himself, and rarely bothers to share any
of his expertise with others. At times, paranoid.

History: Salvador was raised fairly normally:
homeschooled until high school, he did well in his studies at school and
home. His parents rarely detected his bitterly cold outward persona, for
it was not directed at them. The family lived in a few different towns in
Georgia and the Florida Panhandle, eventually moving closer to Atlanta. On the internet, he often found
himself confronted by people angry with his formal speech and unremitting,
unilateral approach to problems, but met them with only iciness. After a
particularly charged dialogue full of threats from others, he stopped using
almost all technology, but maintains intermittent contact with a few friends
whom he can rely on to keep him apprised of dangerous news.

Extra: He knows a man named
Aiden who owes him a small debt - enough of a debt that the man is willing to
give him a boat ride out to Sapelo Island anytime Salvador
happens to be close to the area.

Is this good? I wasn't sure whether
his secret needed to be completely delineated; it kind of takes the form of a
far-reaching, obscure master plan more than an event, and may range into the
territory of science fiction if he is allowed to execute it.

Music_Is_Life, 19.08.2011

@Sarent, yes! That's
great! Thank you for reading everything =D

The secret is great. It didn't have to be
an event, it could have been anything.

Sarent, 20.08.2011 14:40:

Great, thank you!

Finally got a post up for him, too.
:P (Kind of short, but I guess it's mainly an introduction for now.)

Music_Is_Life, 23.08.2011

Keep posting! Everyone post =D

Sarent, 26.08.2011 08:16:

I will. XP

Until the classroom is full (it is for
the moment, but I don't know if it'll stay that way?), it'll probably just have
to be glimpses of Salvador's
thoughts and reactions, but some of his secret may actually be revealed that

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