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Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 6:35 pm

“Quest Character
Sheet” by Stargazer, 04.07.2011 06:24

Before you can start RPing, you must introduce your character
here. The following are some guidelines for creating your character.

Anything goes for making your character... almost. Your
character must have qualities that can be described by these guidelines, and
cannot have superhuman abilities unless the RPG creator approves them

Anything appropriate for the setting of the RPG, just not leet (for clarity)
or your real name (for security reasons).
Appearance (eyes, hair, etc.):
Keep it within bounds of reason.
General Description:
Try not to make your character's personality too insane or such. Background
or history for your character is optional.
Personal Weapons/Tools:
Anything within the bounds of the technology within the RPG can be used.
This is an optional choice, only for use in RPGs with distinct groups.


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Bios/Discussion: Quest Empty Re: Bios/Discussion: Quest

Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 6:37 pm

Stargazer, 04.07.2011 06:24:

Name: Eleanor Tewdor

Appearance: She has forest green
eyes, and long hair that is somewhere in between brown and red. She's taller
than average, slim, and has pale skin. She wears comfortable but attractive
clothing, usually faded blue jeans with a blouse or T-shirt.

General Description: Eleanor is sixteen
years old, and has been homeschooled since fifth grade. She's quite intelligent.
Her interests include reading, computer programming, astronomy, and physics.
She loves spending time outdoors, riding her bike or just walking in the
forest. She's very loyal and kind, but prefers to spend time by herself.

Personal Weapons/Tools: None, though she might acquire some, later on.

Amber, 06.07.2011 06:39:

Who I Am: My name is Sappira

What Do I Look Like: Emerald eyes, white
skin, good size muscles, black hair, tall on an average scale, and a round

Like To Wear: Long jeans, short T
shirt, and a light jacket.

Personality: She is very nice. She
will help anyone who she thinks really needs it. She loves animals. Sappira is
loyal, brave, does not lie (only if needed to), and wants to be in groups that

Weapons: Long bow is her main
weapon. Sappira also carries a rusty two-hand long sword.

What She Is Now and Her
She is very poor. Her job is to hunt and help out farming.
Sappira companions right now are Fridany (black and white hors) and Boltoe
(black Labrador Retriever).

Sarent, 20.07.2011 10:16:

Okay, a couple of short
questions first.

Is this for the imminently-beginning fantasy RPG?

And if so, is there an age limit or a
weapon-type limit for my/anyone's character?

Stargazer, 20.07.2011 14:44:

1. For the present, you
can introduce a character intended for any RPG here. Eventually, RPG owners
might make their own introduction discussions, but for now this'll work.

2. No age limit for the fantasy RPG. Any
weapon you like is all right.

Sarent, 11.08.2011 15:10:

Alrighty then, time to
make a character who isn't an NPC for once. :P I guess she's
done... if necessary, I can change to having a male character, though.

Name: Gaia Chandrasekhar

Appearance: Extremely dark brown
hair and eyes; medium tan skin, more sun-darkened on lower arms and neck;
slight and wiry but not very muscular; unnoticeably taller than median average;
sharp-boned hands; fairly angular face. Black all-purpose shoes, dark
carpenter pants, t-shirt of any color under a dark or flannel overshirt.

General Description: Impractical and
irritable, she is a mildly paranoid but inept conspiracist, seeing plots
everywhere. Rather cowardly and fond of wildlife, she lacks any special
affinity for the various technology and devices that she owns but neglects to
learn to program. She is also quite social, sociable, and loquacious,
though that is tempered by her disgust for humanity in general.

Personal Weapons/Tools: A scratched but excessively sharp
pocketknife and a speargun (heh heh) she keeps in a closet at home. Also
makes use of the pointy end of a school compass (the circle-drawing kind, of

Maryjane, 12.08.2011 05:29:

Name: Chanting Murray (f)
Appearance: She is super-model
tall with a thin, bony composure. Her dark hair falls in waves down
her back, over her porcelian colored face. Eyes a dark brown seem
almost intimidating from behind her dark shades that she occasionally wears. A
wardrobe usually consisting of black jeans tucked into worn combat boots, with
a colored camisole and a cardigan to match is usually what she wears.
General Description:
Mysterious and silent, her answers (on the occasion that she actually says something) are sharp. She is much smarter than
the average student, and she naturally takes pride in her intelligence.
Solitude is what she prefers over being in the presence of many people.
Personal Weapons/Tools: She
carries a Browning Pistol SFS, hiding it by stuffing it into her
boots. A small pack of bullets (in case of emergency) is hidden in the sole of
her left shoe, and she can acess it only by the inside of her shoe.

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