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RPG: Callison Treatment Facility Empty RPG: Callison Treatment Facility

Post by Sarent on Sun 20 Jan 2013, 8:53 pm

By Maryjane, 20.02.2012 16:26

Welcome to Callison Treatment Facility; where we fix you
up and don't give up! Enjoy your stay.

See the
character sheet, here [Editor's note: will become broken, see other moved topic].

Callison Treatment Facillity. Where parents send their teenagers for behavioral
issues they just can't deal with. The 'attendants' help you overcome just about
anything. You've just arrived. Nobody knows your story. Are you ready to talk
about it?

Rules and
Regulations of Callison Treatment Facillity

• Two to a room, same gender only.
• Group time is twice a day. Once in the morning, once in the evening.
• After group time, you will go to your activities picked out by the attendants
especially for you.
• No sharp objects.
• If you are sent a package, you must open it in front of an attendant.
• Meal times are mandatory unless instructed to not go by an attendant. If you
do not show up, that is an automatic demerit.

Level One's Rules
• Level one's are to be escorted everywhere, by an attendant or by a Level 3,
except for study hall.
• Level one's are only allowed to do whatever they wish in their dorm room.

Level Two's Rules
• Level two's must be escorted to the cafeteria, laundry room, and outdoors by
an attendant or a Level 3.
• Level two's are allowed to do whatever they wish in their dorm room.

Level Three's Rules
• Level three's are allowed to go anywhere they wish except for outdoors (must
be escorted by an attendant).
• Level three's are allowed to escort level two's and level one's anywhere
except for outdoors.
• Level three's are allowed to do whatever they wish in their dorm room.

Common Problems

• Anorexia (Called 'guests with food problems')
• Bulimia (Called 'guests with food problems')
• Food addiction (Called 'guests with food problems')
• Alcohol abuse (Called 'guests with substance abuse problems')
• Smoking addiction (Called 'guests with substance abuse problems')
• Anger problems (Called 'guests with anger problems')

Those are the most common. There are more. Plenty more.

Activities after group time
• Therapy
• Art therapy
• Depending upon your problem, excersise in the gym
• Depending upon your problem, a walk outside
• Game room
• Study Hall
• You can go to your dorm room
• Depending upon your problem, anger managment classes

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RPG: Callison Treatment Facility Empty Re: RPG: Callison Treatment Facility

Post by Sarent on Sun 20 Jan 2013, 8:54 pm

Maryjane, 20.02.2012 16:26:

((Woo! I am
happy to say that this is now officially open! Smile Remember, only two per room,
same gender only.))

Lila does this all the time. Waits in the middle of the hallway and watches
paitents and workers walk by. Sometimes she'll grab their ankles and laugh
hysterically until someone pulls her away. Or, if she sees a younger girl or
boy she'll start to sing a disturbing song. She can't get much worse than this,
so why not have fun with it? Slowly she stands up as a petite girl walks by.

"Skin against skin blood and bone
You're all by yourself but you're not alone
You wanted in and now you're here
Driven by hate consumed by fear..."

The girl looks over, confused. Lila repeats those lines, chanting them over and
over, raising her hands and dancing in circles. After singing it for the third
time, she drops to the floor in a fit of manic laughter, rolling around and
clutching her stomach. She knows she's crazy. There's not much more to it than
that. The girl turns around and bolts for the exit, screaming for a worker to
come help her.

((I didn't know how to end it, so I hope this is okay to you all! Also, the
song is a song I hate (Let the Bodies Hit the Floor by Drowning Pool), but I
couldn't think of anything better.))

Music_Is_Life, 17.03.2012

OOC: Love Let The Bodies Hit the Floor(: Drowning Pool FTW!

IC: Xavier had just been let out of the
lunchroom after finishing his breakfast. He had been drawn into a conversation
two girls had been having in there, which only made him stay in there
"I'm so fat." one of them had said. Of
course she wasn't, she was skin and bones, as well as the other one.
"No, I'm soo fat like omigosh I can't eat this." He remembered rolling
his eyes when she said that. He knew she couldn't help it, couldn't help having
anorexia, but it was still pretty ridiculous to hear. The lunchroom attendant
at the door told him that study hall was next, and that he could just go by
himself. Xavier liked study hall. He didn't need attendants around him all the
time, did he?
No, I'm not crazy. He reminded himself,
though he was having a harder and harder time believing it each day. Xavier
cautiously walked down the hallway towards study hall and tried to get used to
the resemblance this place bore to a hospital.

Stargazer, 03.04.2012 17:19:

Golden sun filtered in weakly through the window. Clare stared out
it, at the trees whispering in the light wind, a smile on her face. An
attendant noticed her distraction and tapped her on the shoulder gently,
reminding her to get back to studying. Nodding politely, Clare turned back to
her textbook.
Principles of Biology. Most people would find
it immensely boring, but Clare quite liked it. Of course, she liked everything,
but she didn't seem to find that fact particularly peculiar, or even to notice
it much. It was just the way she was.

The melodic creak of the
library door opening nudged her out of her concentration. She glanced up and
surveyed the person now entering the room.

[Apologies on how short/dull this is. I
seem to have trouble writing 'cheerful' people. I guess I must be more of a
pessimist than I thought I was! :P]

Music_Is_Life, 03.04.2012

Xavier opened
the door to study hall, looking around the room and thinking about the best
place for him to sit. Since the room was almost full, he sat across from a girl
with dark hair, wearing rainbow colors who looked to be about 2 years older
than him. He took out his copy of 13
Reasons Why
by Jay Asher, he was now rereading it, and set it down
in front of him, not quite wanting to read just yet. Not wanting to do
anything. That had been common for him in the past week. Xavier sighed and
leaned back in his seat.

Sarent, 09.04.2012 14:54:

OOC: I tried to write more choppily than usual here to try to
convey the character. Not sure if it worked though. :P

IC: Rex flicked his eyes upward and around the room briefly before returning to
the semblance of reading his irrelevant, heavy copy of
Form and Function in Species. Judging by the info therein, the
tome was either outdated or the "VT Press" that published it was from
nowhere he had heard of. It didn't matter too much, though. He
rarely had time to actually read it, and it was easy enough to skip over anything

From his slumped
position in the southeastmost corner of study hall, he could see that a boy had
come into the room. Bit younger than him... and had brownish or very dark
blond hair? Rex didn't have much of a knack for putting names to colors.

As long as he remembered
what the boy was - Xavier something, wasn't it. Bipolar. Or
supposedly that's who and what he was. Anything else was technically
possible. Details like that could be intentionally obfuscated and
changed, and sometimes even entire identities.

Rex bent his head a
little more, refocusing his reddish eyes on the printed pages of his book.

The Curve-billed Murre is a somewhat common
example of our medium-large alcids...

His wonderfully irrelevant book.

Maryjane, 12.04.2012 07:11:

((I changed my
character name to Lila. I figured the name Calamity was a bit too relevant to
the storyline/character.))

"You're late." The teacher scrutinized Lila for a moment and with a
wave of his hand motioned for her to take a seat. Lila scanned the room,
examining the faces of the other students. Trying to find a place to sit. There
was that rainbowy girl, with her enormous blue eyes. Lila never bothered to
remember her name. She wasn't going to get anything near that overly happy,
sunshiny... thing anyway, so why make an effort? Next to the girl was a boy.
Brown hair, also blue-eyed. Xavier was his name. Lila had only talked to Xaiver
once before, and he seemed alright.
After weighing her choices, Lila eventually settled upon a seat behind Xaiver.

Music_Is_Life, 13.04.2012

Xavier looked
at the girl who had just entered the room. What was her name, again? Lila,
right? Yeah, Lila. She took a seat behind him after looking around the room, at
Why did she sit behind me? He
thought to himself. Did she want something with him? He could feel her eyes
burning into the back of his head...everyone was staring at him. He quickly
flicked his head up, to look at the colorful girl sitting in front of him.
Clare. She had her head down, gleefully reading her book.
Just your bipolar...your depressive episode.
Relax, stop being paranoid.
He chastied himself. Xavier went back
to leaning in his chair. But he could have sworn-
He whipped his head around to look at one of the guys sitting away from him.
Rex. He recognized him from the group sessions they all had together. He, also,
had his head down, reading a book.
Get a hold of yourself! Xavier
screamed inside his head.

Stargazer, 24.04.2012 14:27:

"...therefore, the
classification of viruses remains undefined."

With that, Clare
finished the assigned chapter and closed the book. It suddenly felt as if she
was being looked at from behind, so she swiveled in her chair and looked in
that direction. With a sudden movement, a boy--Xavier was his name--turned away
and looked in the opposite direction. He seemed rather uncomfortable. Maybe he
was just lonely. A lot of the people here did seem to be that way. Smiling,
wanting to cheer him up, she leaned over the back of her chair and said,
"Hi, Xavier."

[OK, OK, I'll transfer
all the RPG posts--even the ones posted after the date I had in my blog
post--to the new site.

And sorry I haven't posted in so long. So
much stuff has been going on lately... >.<]

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RPG: Callison Treatment Facility Empty Re: RPG: Callison Treatment Facility

Post by Sarent on Sun 20 Jan 2013, 8:55 pm

Stargazer, 17.06.2012 19:46:


Music_Is_Life, 09.07.2012

Warily, Xavier looked up at Clare.
"How do you know my name?" He asked, then realized it was a stupid
question. Everyone probably knew his name from group sessions and stuff.
"Never mind...ignore that. It was a stupid question. Hi." He added.

Stargazer, 10.07.2012 16:48:

The poor boy looked terribly nervous. Clare supposed that
was to be expected in a place like this. But that was OK. She liked talking to
nervous people just as much as talking to calm people. She liked talking to
anyone, really. Happily, she said, "How're you today, Xavier?"

Maryjane, 08.08.2012 13:15:

Brrrrrrrrrrring! The shrill ring of the bell filled
the classroom, making all the students pack their belongings. Lila
scooped up her books and dumped them in her book-bag, weaving her way through
the mob of students that were now making their way out of the room.

Stargazer, 11.08.2012 19:05:

The easily distracted Clare looked up at the noise of the bell, scooped up
her colourful sticker-decorated book-bag, and headed out the door. As she
ambled down the hallway, a light, perhaps a reflection from someone's watch,
caught her eye. The momentary distraction caused her to bump straight into

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" she reflexively said, as Lila's bookbag
tumbled to the floor.

Music_Is_Life, 13.08.2012

"I'm...I'm fine, thanks." Xavier muttered, looking
around the room just before the bell rang. He jumped a little-a reaction to the
loud and unexpected noise- then gathered his things and hurried out of the

Maryjane, 20.08.2012 15:19:

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" A sweet voice said as Lila's book-bag tumbled
to the ground. Lila lifted her head to meet a pair of bright blue eyes, and
recognition swept over her. It was the Happy One; Clare.

"Whatever." Lila mumbled, picking up her bag and pushing past Clare.

[I have writer's block. Agggh. And what's worse is that I have both kinds of
writer's block; the kind where I can't come up with anything, and the kind
where I just don't feel like writing.]

Stargazer, 28.08.2012 16:17:

A patch of white on the floor snatched Clare's attention. A small piece of
folded paper. She picked it up, smiling at her rainbow-painted fingernails.
Lila must've dropped it. What might it say? It could be a report card, a letter
from a beloved grandmother, a love note. She should return it.

"Lila!"Clare called musically. "You dropped a note!"

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RPG: Callison Treatment Facility Empty Re: RPG: Callison Treatment Facility

Post by Sarent on Sun 20 Jan 2013, 8:57 pm

Music_Is_Life, 04.09.2012

Xavier followed the attendants out of the room. Group was next.


Like most people, Xavier didn't like group. It wasn't because it was
uncomfortable. It wasn't because of the people, either. It was because they
tried to get inside your head and make you talk. Make you talk about everything
that you don't want to talk about.

Stargazer, 08.09.2012 16:55:

Clare skipped into the empty classroom. Group was next. She
loved group. She loved talking. She loved people. She loved talking to groups
of people. So, really, it was perfect. She happily sat one one of the
swirly-grained wooden chairs that formed a circle in the middle of the room.

Maryjane, 10.09.2012 14:16:

Lila was halfway down the hallway when Clare called to her.
"Lila, you dropped a goat!" She said. Or at least, that was what Lila
heard. With all the kids talking and rushing to their classes, it was pretty
hard to hear. She means I dropped my coat. Lila thought to herself. No,
she said you dropped a note.
She argued.

This happened all the time, Lila arguing with herself. Especially when she was
confused about something.

((Still couldn't think of anything good to write. Rrrrg.))

Music_Is_Life, 14.09.2012

When everyone arrived at group, Xavier sat as far away from the others as
possible, in the corner of the room. It was no small feat considering that the
room was very small. The Group leader cleared her voice.
"Hello, everyone!" She chirped. "I see some new faces today so
let's all go around and introduce ourselves and make them feel at home."
This happened everyday in group. New people would come, the leader would have
everyone re-introduce themselves and Xavier would never talk. Ever. He wasn't
planning on changing that today. He knew that if he didn't talk, the attendants
would only think he wasn't making progress, he wouldn't move up any more levels
and he would never get out of here but he just couldn't talk. The fear that he
would burst out crying and start blubbering about his family and his
problems was too great. He wasn't ready to be that kid just yet.

OOC: LOLOLOLOLOLOL sorry Jen but I couldn't stop laughing at "you
dropped a goat" lololololololol

Maryjane, 25.09.2012 20:40:

Lila flopped down on her small bed and sighed. After a few
horrible long minutes, she'd managed to somehow worm her way through the mob of
students and get to her dorm room, only to be left with five minutes break. She
gathered her books and threw them into her desk drawer, replacing them with the
ones she needed for group.


"Hello, everyone!" The group teacher chirped. "I see some new
faces today so let's all go around and introduce ourselves and make them feel
at home."
Lila rolled her eyes and kicked her feet up on an empty chair next to her. The
exercises they had her doing were completely idiotic. She picked up her bookbag
and unzipped it, fumbling around for the familiar feel of her folded note.

It was gone.

[Honestly couldn't think of a good way to end this. Sorry if it's sucky, haha.
@Julia Good!]

Music_Is_Life, 27.09.2012

"Let's start with you." The attendant smiled at a girl, looking
about 15 with red hair and freckles.
"Um...I'm Emma. I'm here because I burned my house down." She smiled
and showed everyone her burn marks on her arms for the umpteenth time.
"How about you next?" She looked at Xavier who was trying to make
himself as small as he could in the corner of the room. Xavier stared at the
"I'm Xavier." He simply said, giving no indication whatsoever why he
was there. They could probably tell, anyway. It felt like the scars on his
wrists were jumping up and screaming "LOOK AT ME!". He discreetly
turned them over so now the insides of his wrists were on his lap. He looked
around the room. There were about 10 of them there. Not to much, not to many.
It was a good size, but Xavier knew that this was only the 1st floor group.
There were 4 floors in this building, each with a group around this size to
show and equipped with their own set of attendants and one psychiatrist. This floor got Doctor Benjamin
Winters whom Xavier would have his one-on-one time with- as everyone did- after
the group session. He sighed thinking about it.
"Okay, who's next? What about you?"
The attendant diverted everyone's attention away from him then which made him
feel a lot less paranoid.

OOC: Sorry for a late addition to Xavier's
"reason why he's at CTF" but I really think it should be part of it.
It would make his time here make a whole lot more sense. As you can probably
tell, depression led him to a suicide attempt. This is included with his
bipolar disorder.

Maryjane, 20.10.2012 21:45:

"What about you?"

The group teacher, a plump, brown-haired lady, asked cheerfully. Lila lifted
her gaze to glare at the attendant hovering over her. "I'm Lila."
Lila said resolutely, before casting her eyes back to the book-bag in her lap.

[A short post to move things along. Maybe I'll add to it later... maybe.

Someone post!]

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RPG: Callison Treatment Facility Empty Re: RPG: Callison Treatment Facility

Post by Starry on Mon 04 Feb 2013, 5:25 pm

Originally posted on 10.12.2012 19:25 by Stargazer.

"Ooh! I'll go next!" Clare chirped. The teacher nodded wearily at her to continue. "I'm Clare! I'm here because I'm too happy. Isn't that silly?" She giggled. "If anyone wants to come hang out with me after group, please do! And-"

"Thank you, Clare," the teacher interrupted. Clare stopped talking.
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RPG: Callison Treatment Facility Empty Re: RPG: Callison Treatment Facility

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