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Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 10:35 pm

by Maryjane, 11.09.2011 05:31

Visit the character sheet [here] [Editor's note: will become broken, see other moved topic].

the world a better place; No wars, fights, bullying, or hate. No trash on the
ground, no dying animals or humans dying. The last two words might of confused
you. Yes, Nobody dies. Everyone is perfect in this world. Tall, thin, blond
hair and blue eyes. Everyone walks, talks, and looks the same. You think this
world is perfect? Well, it's not as great as it seems. People are getting tired
of being the same. This perfect world better get ready for some change; the characters
you create will go against everyone being perfect.

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RPG: Perfectly Not Empty Re: RPG: Perfectly Not

Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 10:37 pm

Maryjane, 12.09.2011 12:01:

"No, Mom.
For the last time, I'm not going to dye my hair blonde!" Esmee just about
had enough of all the fuss, never mind it happening on a bright morning,
ruining her mood. A letter had just come, telling her family how disgraced
their neighbor was of seeing her jet-black hair. Funny. Why should she care?
It's my choice, and last time I checked, we were still living in a free world.
Or had the scientists decided freedom was a little too much for us measly
normal people to handle and took it away from us? Esmee swore to no one in
particular as she stormed out of the door, ignoring the protesting words of her
mother. Leaping onto her bicycle, she was carried off into the distance as
people gazed in amazement at her appearance.

Within minutes, Esmee had reached her school. She had never learned anything
there. Now, she just attended for watching the reaction of her appearance.
Placing her bicycle on a nearby rack, she strolled into the school halls to her
next lesson. Through the corridors, no other person was to be seen; she was
late. Again. Shrugging her shoulders, she strode into her classroom. Mrs.
Watson, her teacher, eyed Esmee as she entered the room, before asking her the
reason for being late. Esmee rolled her eyes, turned to her teacher, and
instead of apologizing, said "I think that'd be my business, thank you
very much." She smiled, perhaps a bit deviously, and with not another word
she slid to her seat, leaving the teacher lost for words.

Sarent, 16.09.2011 13:18:

Nalem didn't
look up. From the far left of the classroom, the scene was just visible
peripherally. He had seen this before, anyway. It wouldn't be good
to take too much interest.

In the short term, that was. "Abnormal" individuals like her
would have to be watched in the long run.

Music_Is_Life, 18.09.2011

Alex was
skipping school. Plain and simple. He hated it, felt it wasn't a good place to
express his creativity or to learn really, so he just wasn't going. He did this
every once in a while when he felt he needed a break or didn't feel like going.
Today was one of those days. But it was different. Because today, one of his
neighbors caught him. She yelled at him to get to school and just so she would
shut up, Alex went. He entered the school and went up to his classroom. His
teacher, Mrs. Watson, glared at him.
"So we have another one late, do we?"
Alex smiled, amused. "Oh really? Who else was late?" Not really
curious, just mocking her.
She didn't answer. "And what's your
excuse, Alexander?"
Alex rolled his eyes. "It's Alex. And I don't have one. I was skipping,
but then my neighbor caught me and yelled at me until I got annoyed and came
Mrs. Watson looked shocked that a student would talk to her that way. Does she even know me at all? Alex thought.
"Take your seat." She said firmly. "Now."
Alex slowly, slowly, walked to
his seat all the way in the back, purposely trying to irritate her. He sat in
his seat and looked at the teacher, like he was waiting for her.
That got her really ticked off.
He chuckled to himself and continued staring at her, waiting for her to start
the lesson.

CarlaJay, 27.09.2011 15:09:

had watched the scene in class, a bit amused she wished she had enough courage
to mouth off to teachers. In school she blended in as much as she could, never
wanting to bring attention to herself. She kept good grades, was always on
time, and volunteered as much as she could. She was hoping to be accepted into
an ivy League school, but when you don't have blonde hair and blue eyes things
like that aren't possible for you.

Stargazer, 29.09.2011 09:48:

Mandi smiled momentarily
at the pure nerve of Alex and Esmee, then quickly hid her face. People would be
shocked if she showed approval of such a thing. And she couldn't afford to
shock society. At least, not yet.

She glanced around the room, surveying
her classmates while waiting for the class to start. Oddly, most of the people
there seemed to be...different. Nonconformists, with a rainbow of hair and eye
colors. It was most peculiar.
Are they keeping all the
nonconformists together?
she wondered. Maybe so the normals don't pick
up any ideas from us?
But that was ridiculous. After all, they'd put her in this
class, and she was--seemingly--as normal as anybody.

Sarent, 29.09.2011 10:01:

A classroomful,
more or less, of oddballs. Of course, it was less. But in any case,
Nalem knew that it was perfect for his purposes. Would such a
concentration of rebels make a difference? He had the chance to find out.

If perfection really did strive to maintain itself, then perhaps the agents of
that abstract concept would strike out against its detractors - whether
obviously or obliquely. Or perhaps it would have to be the other way

His head still bent just slightly, Nalem waited.

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RPG: Perfectly Not Empty Re: RPG: Perfectly Not

Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 10:39 pm

Stargazer, 29.09.2011 10:07:

glanced curiously over at Nalem. His behavior seemed slightly suspicious, as if
he was hiding something. Or maybe it was just her overactive imagination. She
turned back to the front of the classroom as the teacher started their lesson.

Music_Is_Life, 29.09.2011

Alex listened
to the teacher for a few seconds, then got bored. He looked around at the
classroom. Nalem was acting weird. The other students were paying attention.
Alex took his iPhone out of his pocket and turned it on. He started to play
around with it. The teacher looked at him.
"Alexander, what are you doing?"
"A-lex. It's two syllables. Get it right."
"What are you doing?" She said through gritted teeth.
"Playing Angry Birds." He held up his iPhone for her to see.
"Alex, I've been very patient. Too
patient. But this tears the line. You know the school's policy
about being lateand phones. You
have detention. Today after school."
Alex shrugged. It wasn't the first time he got detention, and it definitely
wouldn't be the last time. The teacher came over to him, took his phone, and
turned it off. She put it on her desk.
"Now, continuing with the lesson.." She continued, glaring at Alex
before turning to the rest of the class.

Stargazer, 29.09.2011 16:17:

gaped at Alex, amazed by this latest display. She had, on occasion, been
impolite to the teachers, but had never flouted their authority to their faces
before. Especially not by playing Angry Birds. Unable to take pretending to be
normal after such an inspiring act, she waited until the teacher had turned her
back, then turned to Alex and gave him a quick thumbs-up.

Maryjane, 30.09.2011 06:45:

Esmee was
grateful for when the bell rang through the halls, signaling the end of the
first class and the start of the 5-minute break between periods. The 'good'
students didn't run out of the classroom in a hurry. Instead, they remained in
their seats, waiting patiently for the teacher to dismiss them. Esmee rolled
her eyes and stood up to leave. As she did, 24 pairs of eyes immediately
flashed to her with astonishment, only to be met with her cold stare that made
them turn away quickly. She smirked, then continued down the aisle of dull-colored
desks before she noticed the teacher's eyes were on her. "Esmee Peters.
Stop right this moment." Her teacher snapped, and when she found that her
student had completely ignored her, added, "I want to see you after
school." This didn't stop Esmee in her tracks, and she only waved her hand
back in the gesture as in 'alright, alright', though she had no intention of
seeing the teacher again after school.

Music_Is_Life, 30.09.2011

Alex winked at Mandi
before getting up and leaving the class. He sat on the bottom of the staircase,
causing many people to take a detour.

(Yeah, sorry for such a lame post: I'm so
tired. Especially from sitting out in the sun for an hour today at a stupid pep
rally :/ )

Stargazer, 30.09.2011 17:03:

rose and exited the classroom when the teacher dismissed them, pretending to
scowl at the detention the teacher had assigned her. Inside, she was grinning.
All was going according to plan.

CarlaJay, 01.10.2011 12:35:

Spencer made
her way out into the whole. People buzzing around her. The cheer captian came
up to Spencer knocking her books out of her hand slapping her across the face.
Spencer was only shocked for a moment, kids started to form a circle around the
two, and of course all the teacher saw was Spencer swing back and hit the
pretty blond teenager, breaking her nose.
The teacher was appalled. "Spencer DeLune see me immediately after
school!" she yelled. Spencer smirked as she picked her books up waving to
the cheerleader as she cried. Her shoulder hit the teacher's as she moved down
the hall sliding into her next class right before the bell rang.

Music_Is_Life, 01.10.2011

Alex heard the
bell ring, but didn't get up. He was sitting there until someone made him. A teacher saw him sitting there. "Hey!
Get to class!" He followed Alex with his eyes until he entered his

Stargazer, 04.10.2011 15:32:

dashed into the classroom behind Alex, sliding behind her desk just as the bell

Music_Is_Life, 04.10.2011


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RPG: Perfectly Not Empty Re: RPG: Perfectly Not

Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 10:41 pm

CarlaJay, 05.10.2011 10:14:

Spencer watched
as the two late entries entered the room. She always had that saying the early
bird catches the worm in her head when someone arrived late to class. She
listened to the teacher scold a couple kids coming to class late. It always
happened. Someone was always late, or atleast it was getting that way more and

Stargazer, 14.10.2011 16:40:

Bump. Bump. Bumpety bumpety bump.

Stargazer, 15.10.2011 12:32:

resisted a strong desire to put her head on the desk. Last class of the day.
She could make it another forty-five minutes. The teacher started droning on
about something or other, and Mandi tuned out, thinking about the coming

Music_Is_Life, 15.10.2011

Alex stared at
the front of the class with a blank stare. He couldn't believe he still had 45
minutes to go. He couldn't make it. But he didn't want anymore detention, so he
just sat there, waiting. Waiting desprately for the bell to ring so he could
just get this detention over with and go home. He let out a sigh. Home. Where
his overly-supportive mom would be waiting just to stick her nose in his
business yet again and tell him to wash the hair-dye out of his hair, ditch the
contacts, and get a new wardobe. And he would tell her 'no' yet again. Then they would get in this big fight...
No. He wasn't going to go home right away. Maybe he'd stop by Esme's house,
prolong going home as long as he could. But first he had to finish this class,
then his detention.

CarlaJay, 16.10.2011 12:15:

Tock. Tick. Tock. Spencer listened to the second hand moving on the clock. She
couldn't wait until the day was over. She needed to get out of here. She wanted
out of this classroom. She listened to the teacher drone on about her subject
of torture. She secretly wished she could drop out to be free of this place,
but that would screw up everything her dad wanted for her. She looked at each
of the people in the room who chose to be 'different', and not 'perfect', she
knew she would most likely be having detention with them. She really didn't
mind, she had never talked to any of them before, she had never talked to
anyone before, she didn't fit in with the 'perfect' people, or the people who
chose to be different.

Stargazer, 22.10.2011 12:30:

Finally the bell rang,
startling Mandi into jumping a little in her seat. After quickly shoving her
books into her pack, she exited the room with everyone else, making her way to
the unused classroom in which detention was held.

[OOC: Where would detention be held, anyway?
I have absolutely no idea, being homeschooled and all. =P If this is wrong, I
can change it.]

Music_Is_Life, 22.10.2011

OOC: At my school,
detention is held in the cafeteria, but oftentimes it's held in an empty
classroom, too. So I'm guessing your post is fine.

Alex grabbed his backback from the back
of his seat and slung it over his shoulder. Making his way to the classroom
where detention was being held, he sighed. When he got there, there was already
a person sitting there. Mandi, Alex recognized. The teacher looked up and
raised his eyebrows.
"Ah, what a surprise." The teacher said, his voice dripping sarcasm.
"Take a seat, Alex."
Alex did as he was told and took a seat in the very front near the door.

Maryjane, 23.10.2011 06:11:

lesson passed. Third, fourth, fifth. The end of the day gradually came without
Esmee getting herself into too much trouble. With one exception. She was making
her last trip of the day to her locker, which was plastered with a large
collection of stickers collected over the years. Hastily, she shoved the books
of her last lesson into her locker, not bothering to pack books for homework;
what was the point? As she hurriedly closed her locker and locked it, the sound
of high heels clinking over the polished white floor echoed throughout the
corridor. Esmee had not paid much attention to the new-comer, though everyone
else turned their frightened eyes away from the source of the noise, which was
now seeming to follow her down the hallway. She stopped abruptly, and just then
a bony, skimpy hand reached out and grabbed at her shoulder with such force
that she was pulled back to face the owner of the hand. Standing nose to nose
from Esmee was her teacher from first lesson, Mrs. Watson. "I said I
wanted to see you after school." Mrs. Watson roared, scaring a bunch of
the nearby students. But it had no SPARKLES on Esmee; she just rolled her eyes.
"I'm afraid you'll have to follow me to detention." Her teacher
showed so much determination which amazed her, though she wasn't going to
follow her to detention. But her plans were cut off as she found her teacher
dragging her by the ear towards the detention room. "Let go of me! Let go
of-" Her voice trailed off as she disappeared into the detention room,
wiggling and kicking at her teacher.

Stargazer, 07.11.2011 17:03:

sun was low above the treeline when Mandi finally entered the detention
classroom. Ms. Jones, the teacher, looked momentarily surprised to see Mandi in
detention, but quickly hid her shock. Sitting down at an empty desk, she took a
look at the other people in detention. Everyone there was...different, she
noticed. Much like her earlier classes. She tucked that fact away to ponder

Stargazer, 10.11.2011 16:50:

[OOC: I hate to
do it, but it must be done: Bump.]

Music_Is_Life, 10.11.2011

sat there, being bored, waiting for everyone to arrive and for detention to
officially start.

Stargazer, 10.11.2011 17:05:

Mandi watched the teacher intently out of the corner of her eye, Ms. Jones finally
pulled out a cell phone and started surreptitiously texting under her desk.
Knowing the teacher would now be completely unaware her surroundings for the
duration of the texting conversation, Mandi turned to Alex and asked, "So,
what're you in for?"

Music_Is_Life, 11.11.2011

looked at Mandi and smirked. "Mouthed off to my teacher." He
chuckled. "It was hillarious." He flipped his hair out of his eyes.
"So what about you?"

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RPG: Perfectly Not Empty Re: RPG: Perfectly Not

Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 10:44 pm

Maryjane, 24.11.2011 06:04:

few others were also in the room. Two of them, a girl and a boy, sat idly,
making small talk. Esmee observed their differences to the other clones and
wondered why she had never noticed them before, though one was slightly
familiar. She leaned forward on her desk. "Hey," She added a small
smile. "You guys up for causing a little trouble?"

Stargazer, 28.11.2011 17:38:

back at the girl who'd just entered the room, Mandi said, "Heck

Music_Is_Life, 15.01.2012

shrugged and looked back at Esmee. "Sure, why not. I was just gonna skip
out soon anyway, not like she would notice." He jerked his head towards
the teacher, still drawn into her conversation.

Maryjane, 09.03.2012 07:43:

Esme grinned at the two.
"I'm Esme." She said, pushing back a lock of hair that had slipped
into her face.

((Okay, that was even shorter than I
thought it would be. Sorry!))

Music_Is_Life, 09.03.2012

Alex introduced himself. "Now, let's get out of here before we miss our
chance." He cast a sidelong glance to the teacher and, without drawing
attention to himself, got up out of his seat and left the classroom.

Maryjane, 12.05.2012 15:20:

Following Alex, Esme made it out the door without making a sound.

((Next post I'll write something long.))

Stargazer, 29.05.2012 15:52:

Mandi followed the other two out the door, emerging into the
drab grey-white hallway. She walked quietly down the hallway until they were
out of earshot of the classroom, then turned to the others and asked, "So,
where d'you want to go?"

Maryjane, 12.08.2012 19:47:


Music_Is_Life, 13.08.2012

"I was thinking...the mall." Alex answered. "Maybe go into
Lilith's*, fool around and stuff." Lilith's was the town's only
"rebel" store. They didn't sell anything like you could find
everywhere else. The county was always trying to shut it down but they had a
growing number of customers. Good for Alex and everyone like him, but bad for
everyone else. Even the county couldn't deny that they had a rise in sales in
the past year alone. "I was gonna go there anyway," He continued.
"might as well go now. You guys in?"

*If you're wondering why I named the store "Lilith's", it's
because the name "Lilith" means "belonging to the night".
Maybe knowing the meaning of the store name might help to alleviate any
confusion of what the store is about. To help clear up any more confusion-
think of Hot Topic.

Stargazer, 14.08.2012 11:24:

"Lilith's. Sounds great." Mandi rarely went to
Lilith's. Her friends preferred to distance themselves from anything not completely
socially acceptable...and Lilith's was not completely socially acceptable,
though it was becoming more popular. The few times she'd visited it, she'd
enjoyed looking at the uniquely odd clothing and accessories they sold. Things
you could get nowhere else. Some of it was even handmade. "Wanna walk
or drive? My car's in the lot."

Maryjane, 10.09.2012 14:39:

[I just moved us to Lilith's. Hope that's okay.]

When they arrived at the mall, it was bustling with life. Blonde haired,
blue-eyed teenagers poured out of white-painted stores. They all carried
identical-looking clothes, neatly folded and placed in small grey shopping
bags. Their flawless, tan faces smiled all smiled and laughed. There wasn't one
unhappy person in sight. This made Esme shutter. Everything about them was
so... fake. Who would call this perfect?

Esme glanced down the rows of stores. "Where's Lilith's? I always thought
it would be more... colorful."

[Yeah... it's not the best. I'll probably edit it later. c:]

Music_Is_Life, 14.09.2012

Alex expertly guided the three of them into Lilith's,
ignoring Esmee's question. She would see soon enough. Well, now, actually. He
led them all into the store and started looking around at some of the

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RPG: Perfectly Not Empty Re: RPG: Perfectly Not

Post by Starry on Mon 04 Feb 2013, 6:56 pm

Mandi stepped across the threshold of the comparatively dimly-lit shop and inhaled deeply. It smelled of sweet perfumes and exotic wood. Mm. Lovely. Not wanting to get in anyone's way, she quickly scooted out of the doorway and started inspecting a rack of funky earrings. She had never seen such earrings before. The large, swirl-patterned beads dangling from brightly-colored nylon earwires were so different from the small cubic zirconia earrings sold in most stores. Mandi wondered vaguely what her parents would say if they caught her wearing such unusual earrings. Her mind immediately recoiled from the topic. The reality of her little act of rebellion hadn't yet caught up with her. Plenty of time to freak out over the consequences later, when she was alone.

Carefully keeping her mind on the unique merchandise, Mandi drifted over to a rack of shirts and started flipping through them. Unlike what was sold elsewhere in the mall, these were all things Mandi had never seen before. They weren't even similar to what was in style. But they were gorgeous nonetheless. Soft graphic tees with band logos printed on them, flowing jewel-tone tops with heavily beaded necklines, crisp linen shirts with intricate black embroidery -- all things not found elsewhere.

A particularly lovely shirt caught her eye. It was brightly colored, made of a flowing, silky material. The hems were edged with thin strips of leather. It was gorgeous. So unique. So...anti-society. Her parents would hate it.

She had to try it on.

Mandi walked quietly to the dressing rooms, trying not to draw attention to herself. The shirt fit perfectly, looked gorgeous on her. She should buy it. Or should she? Though she loved the shirt, she felt the need to have her opinion validated by someone else. Usually she brought her mother or her best friend shopping with her. They were not afraid to voice their opinions. But Jacklyn was no longer speaking to Mandi, and her mother was out of the question. Shyly, she slipped out of the dressing room and went to find Esme. Maybe she would be willing to give advice.

Esme was not far from the dressing rooms. "Esme?" Mandi asked. "Does this look OK on me?"

[I'm not sure what would be in style at this time/in this world, so I had to make things up. If you want me to change anything, let me know. :3]
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RPG: Perfectly Not Empty Re: RPG: Perfectly Not

Post by Sarent on Mon 04 Feb 2013, 8:35 pm


It was so bright in the mall. Too bright, yes. But a shine had to be maintained, an orderly patina and a gloss of sameness.

Nalem kept his head bent, but squinted up into the sunlike fluorescent haze of the mall every so often, from his place against a wall in a shady corner. The smartphone in his hands was going dead and he didn't care to charge it... he wasn't paying it much attention. Ahead of him was a bank of stores, one abnormal, and they were his focus.

Now, the abnormal one among them - he only grudgingly called it by name, the "Lilith's" store - was of course drawing in fewer people than anywhere else, but it had enough business going to make it worth investigating. Nalem knew he couldn't be the only one watching, even in an official capacity. There wasn't much else so obviously out of the normal in the county as... this.

It seemed to be most popular with the young, though, Nalem noted. With a brief glance, he took in the sight of a small group... three people, all from the school - his school, that was. He narrowed his eyes, oddly-pronounced crow's feet deepening at their corners, and looked down again, scrolling sideways to type into a waiting text field on his phone. Two of the children were apparently new to the abnormal store.

And that was of interest.

OOC: I gave a brief mention of "county" authority, but I think it's in line with information in previous posts.

I think I'm going to have to be changing Nalem's bio, though. Even with his lack of posts, he's not falling into line with the sketchy bio I posted way back when.

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