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Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 9:53 pm

by Stargazer, 11.08.2011 11:56


Ordinary people, called from their homes by a
person they know nothing about to track down a creature they didn't even know
existed. They're promised a large reward if they should manage to capture the
creature. At the start of this game, they're meeting at a park to recieve their
instructions for the mission. No one knows what will happen...


1. Post in the third person ("Character did
this", instead of "I did this")

2. Try to read through previous posts before you
jump into the game.

3. Characters of all ages are allowed

Character Bios

Just post your character bios in the 'Quest
Character Sheet!' discussion.

If I have
missed anything, please send me a message and I'll add it into this post.

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RPG: Quest Empty Re: RPG: Quest

Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 9:54 pm

Sarent, 25.08.2011 15:00:

A mysterious letter.
Perfect for the start of a story, maybe, but not a good sign in real life.

At least, Gaia
Chandrasekhar didn't think so. However, the chance of winning a
substantial sum of money had its... pull. And the park in which the
"briefing" was supposedly located was generally a safe
location. The deadline was already nigh, and it didn't take much time for
her to make the final decision to go.

No, she would go and see
if there was some basis for the letter's sender's wanted near-mythical
creature. She would be fine if she took her pocketknife...

And one other thing.

Gaia dropped her rather thin ring of keys
into her pocket and opened the closet to retrieve her speargun. Better
safe than sorry.

Stargazer, 20.09.2011 05:09:

hovered at the entrance to the park, letter in one hand, her other hand
stroking the Swiss Army Knife she kept in her pocket. Nervous at what might
happen at her meeting with she-didn't-know-who, she took a minute to calm her
nerves before striding through the park gates.

Sarent, 20.10.2011 07:18:

The slow ceaseless crack
of cold dripping condensation and rain against the leaves set Gaia on
edge. She stalked tensely along the edge of a path, not quite looking
with all her concentration, her vision unfocused, clenching her freezing hands
in her ill-insulated pockets. Unsurprisingly, she had seen no one yet -
she had arrived early. But it was coming time for the

She continued towards a damp grassy
clearing that she was not completely sure was the right location, the original
letter safe inside her rain jacket.

Stargazer, 26.07.2012 16:58:

[Oh my goshawk, I forgot about this!]

A subtle movement, seen only out of the corner of Eleanor's eye, set her
further on edge. A woman in a trenchcoat was walking into the park's meadow.
Thinking that maybe it would be better to face any possible agressors head-on,
to asses their skills, she cautiously approached the woman.

"Hello?" Her voice echoed eerily through the damp air.

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