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Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 7:52 pm

by Maryjane, 03.08.2011 16:28

Everyday People. People that could have been you or me. A
world fallen into panic and disarray. A world that could be our world. An earth
that our earth could so easily become... Five years ago it began. It was 2014,
when the world seemed full of promise. But that was when people started dying.
At first it was an illness, sweeping from country to country, door to door. But
then they died in other ways too. Slow, painful deaths. Fires starting anywhere
and everywhere, even firehouses. Fires that couldn't be stopped, that spread.
House pets like large dogs becoming crazed and attacking; a random incident
becoming common. And not only the adults - teenagers and even young children.
Everybody. And now it's over. Plants everywhere are dead and brown, trees are
fallen and a patch of green grass is rare and sacred anywhere over the world it
can be found. The human population has dwindled, unable to fight against such
natural onslaughts. And now those who are left must fight to survive... knowing
what will happen to the human race if they don't. They thrive off of stores
that didn't burn down, they hunt if they have to, they try and make the few
living plants grow again. Now it is 2019. These survivors consisting of mostly
teens, man is faced with their worst challenge yet. And now it's only a matter
of survival.

Maryjane, 03.08.2011 16:46:

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RPG: Survivors of This Dying World Empty Re: RPG: Survivors of This Dying World

Post by Sarent on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 7:54 pm

Maryjane, 04.08.2011 06:01:

Stay hidden.
Talk to nobody. Try not to get killed. Ruby repeated the three rules in her
mind again. It has been some sort of ritual for her every morning for five
years, ever since the population began to die out. The last rule was the most
important. Never break the third rule, Ruby knew that. Breaking the third rule
would mean the end of her seventeen years on Earth.
She sat down on the heated pavement in front of the scene where her house used
to be. It had grown dry from lack of rain, and so when someone tried to
celebrate the Fourth of July, (which should not be your main concern at the end
of the world) a firework ended up burning down her house. Thankfully, she
wasn't in it at the time. Now she roams everywhere, never staying in one place
more than two days. Sighing, Ruby looked up at the graying sky. It was soon
going to be dark, and perhaps rainy soon. Deciding it was best to continue on
and find shelter for the night, she picked up her bag and headed west. Where
she was going, she had not the slighest inkling. But anything was better than
staying here.

Sarent, 06.08.2011 15:16:

"Dry spell, maybe

Kjeld stared down over
the town. There was no hint of springiness to the desiccated grass.
Some of it was simply crabgrass that was done seeding, but out on the
once-ordinary lawns, there seemed to be no life at all. Not that there
would have been much anyway - lawns were not havens for anything
aboveground. Farther away, the odd remains of an apparently burned house
were just visible.

A handful of Rock
Pigeons whooshed past, reminding him that this was still a human
landscape. There could be parks within the city, but healthy ecosystems
were more likely to be found outside. He would survey the perimeter
instead... until he could be assured that the former human residents of the
town were long gone.

He turned right, leaving the empty bleached
pavement-side at his back as he entered a copse of beeches. The sky was
growing still darker, and if he wanted to check diurnal bird populations before
dusk fell completely, he would have to do it quickly.

Stargazer, 10.08.2011 12:36:

Yolande sat at the base
of the dying beech tree, looking up through the branches for signs of animal
life. She saw no movement, but that meant nothing. Animals these days were
crafty and over-cautious. As they should be. Luckily, they weren't so cautious
that one didn't blunder into one of her traps once in a while.

Her traps! She realized
that she hadn't checked them yet today. Yolande sprung up in her usual silent
manner, stopping for a moment to let the dizziness brought on by the sudden
activity to disperse. Dizziness when getting up was just one of the many
residual symptoms of the plauge, that had--well--plagued her since she'd gotten
sick four and a half years ago. She hoped that someday the Earth would heal and
she'd be able to find a cure for her symptoms, but didn't think it likely. At
least not in her lifetime.

Before she had gone
three steps toward the path that led to her first trap, she heard a rustle at
the edge of the beech thicket she stood in. Instinctive terror rushed through
her, and she silently scampered up the tree she had just been sitting under,
the rough bark scratching her bare arms. Mad dogs, wolves, bears were hungrier
than ever and now posed a real threat to anyone alone in the woods. She knew it
was inefficient to climb a tree at each unexpected snap of a twig, but she
figured it was better to climb like a frightened cat than to become lunch.

When she was satisfied
that she was at a safe height, she swiveled her head to look down at what had
caused the noise. To her surprise it was a man, a wiry guy of about average
height. It had been at least two weeks since she'd had a glimpse of another
human being and over a month since she'd had an actual conversation, so she was
very tempted to call out to him. But she didn't. Humans could be just as
dangerous as mad dogs, and were much smarter.

She sat tensely on the branch, waiting to
see what he would do.

Maryjane, 14.08.2011 11:25:

Ruby's stomach
rumbled. She would need to find something to eat. In a perfect world, that
wouldn't be too much trouble. But in a world that is reaching its end... well,
there might be some difficulty. With the sunset as her only source of light,
she began to look for a grain of something to eat like she had done so many
times. Perhaps her dinner would be a square of green grass. That was rare now.
The only grass Ruby knew of was somewhere in India, not here in the United
States. Her toes kicked at the charred, dead grass as she looked around the
square in which a house used to be in. Should
I end up raiding a store?
Ruby asked herself nervously. I've never raided anything before. She usually made a
meal out of dead grass, but that didn't look apetizing anymore.
She put her hand on her eyebrows, blocking the sun from her vision. Was it just
her mind playing tricks on her, or was that someone on the horizon? Perhaps it
was someone's house, for she could hear voices. Wait... are there even houses up there? She thought
uncertainly as she started to leave the site of another burnt house and move
towards the voices.

Sarent, 02.12.2011 17:24:

Kjeld winced at the
noise he made, brushing against the branches at the edge. Warbler species
wouldn't mind, nor would most rodents, but larger land animals were
warier. Not counting humans, of course, nonnative and gregarious as they
were, he realized with a tinge of bitterness.

He stopped a little ways
into the copse and listened for a short while, looking around the medium-height
tree cover. What sounded like an American Goldfinch flew by outside the
thicket near the road, but there was only faint weak lisping sounds of distant
gnatcatchers within the tree cover. It was starting to get to the time of
day when he felt he should take cover somewhere. No large predators had
regularly inhabited the area since a short time after the extinctions through
the Pleistocene, and deer shouldn't be aggressive in the summer...
probably. Then again, they could have moved in with the plague's
reduction of human populations... and there were more nonnatives like dogs.

One more scan couldn't
affect his chances of survival greatly. He glanced higher around his
circle of vision, not bothering to use the carefully-cleaned binoculars in his

But there was an odd
pale patch in one of the trees - a scrap of torn fabric, perhaps, or a pale
wing. It was hard to see anything in the diminishing light, and he
couldn't see without squinting or painfully wrenching his head around to an
unnatural angle. With a nervous glance around the medium-sized
spicebushes and other undergrowth, he undid the major zipper on his backpack
and removed his waterproofed general wildlife guide, irrationally hoping to
find something similar in the animal kingdom. But no, it had to be cloth,
some kind of human artifact... even clothes of a corpse.

He clutched his book a little tighter and
set off as quietly as he could, south-southeast through the woods. It
would probably not do to stay...

Stargazer, 02.05.2012 09:27:

(Wow, I almost forgot
about this RPG!)

Yolande's heart sped up
painfully as the man peered suspiciously in her direction. Had he seen her? She
hugged the tree more tightly and tried to stay as still as possible, breathing
as lightly as she could. Finally, he started to walk away, and she exhaled
rather too loudly in relief.

A sudden screech echoed
out of the tree, and something feathery and previously unnoticed erupted from a
nearby branch and flapped into her face. With an uncontrollable scream, she let
go of the tree to slap the thing away. Unfortunately, in her terror she forgot
her precarious position. The tree tilted away from her as she lost balance.
Instinctively, she reached out for a branch, a trunk, a twig, something to hold
on to, but her hands brushed through air. The ground rushed up to meet her, the
branches slowing her descent but scratching viciously at her skin. Finally,
painfully, she met the ground, landing heavily (and loudly) on her right arm.
Stars danced before her eyes. She pushed at the ground, trying to get up, to
run away, but dropped back when a sharp pain blossomed out from her lower arm. It
was definitely broken. Gritting her teeth, she tried not to make any more
noise. Not that it would matter, though.

No injured creature survived long in this

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