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Post by Starry on Tue 08 Jan 2013, 3:24 pm

Right. If you want a blog, fill out the blog-request form below and post it in this topic. One of the admins will create your blog as soon as possible.

Blog-Request Form

Blog name:
Privacy settings:
People from the old THT only: Do you want your blog posts moved to your new blog? :

Form explanations.

Blog name name of your blog. I'd prefer if you'd keep the name short -- under fifty characters or so. If you don't want any special name for it, we'll just call it [Your name]'s Blog. (i.e. Starry's Blog, Sokar's Blog, etc).

Description is just a short description of your blog. An example would be "Starry's Blog: The blog of life, the universe, and everything." Leave it out of the form if you don't want one.

Privacy settings determine who can see your blog posts. Your options are "public" and "logged-in members." I'd recommend "logged-in members," but that's just me.

Do you want your old blog posts moved? A simple yes or no will suffice. Don't worry about making more work for the admins. It'll only take a couple minutes for us to move your posts, and will make the site look so much more active. :P
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