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Starry's High School Tips for Homeschoolers Empty Starry's High School Tips for Homeschoolers

Post by Starry on Thu 19 Jun 2014, 10:34 pm

In my four years of homeschool high school, I've learned many things. This is a list of some of them. Learn from my mistakes, people.

List will be updated periodically.

> Start your transcript at the beginning of your freshman year. Keep it updated throughout your high school career. Update it at the beginning and end of each year, at least. At the end of each semester would be even better. Seriously. Do it. Don't wait until you have to apply to college. Do it now.

> If you feel isolated constantly, you should probably get involved in more extracurricular activities. If you only feel isolated in the gloomy months, you might have seasonal depression.

> If you want to take AP tests, start the registration process in January of the year you want to take them (they're held in May).

> Science labs. They're actually important. Find a resource for homeschool science labs and do them. Seriously.

> Prom. Don't worry about it. It's not the pinnacle of your adolescence. If it's important to you, there are homeschool proms around. If you don't want to go that route, make friends with a traditional school student and go to their prom with them.

> Don't put off your schoolwork. Try to sit down and do a little every day. It's amazing how fast you can get through a textbook that way.

> Your local library is a magical place.

> Don't think of yourself as pathetic because you don't have a romantic partner. You don't need a partner to be awesome. You provide the awesome in your life.

> On the topic of romance... don't think finding a romantic interest is impossible outside of a high school. There are people everywhere. You never know who you'll meet or where you'll meet them. Heck, I met the guy of my dreams on the internet. School is just one place to meet people. You have many more options.

> Taking courses at your local community college can be fun, and it's a good way to get college credit before college!
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